Dork Side Podcast with Joe & Todd – July 2016

This month’s podcast, hosted by our gracious friends at Raleigh & Company, deals with such huge Star Wars issues as¬†the new canon as it pertains to novels, TV, and comics, the Rogue One reshoot drama, and we pick our inaugural ForceFour – the Anthology films they¬†personally want to see made. Give it a listen below:

Dork Side Podcast – July 2016

Taking a break from the normal banter, Todd Canipe and Joe Ovies dive into the new canon that Disney and Lucasfilm have established for the Star Wars universe. We touch on the novels and comics specifically, and talk about what’s been hit and what’s been miss in the updated canon. We wrap up the discussion Read More …

Dork Side Podcast – April 2016

In this installment of the Dork Side of the Force podcasts, hosts Joe Ovies and Todd Canipe reflect on just how freaking awesome The Force Awakens was, as well as the nitpicky things they didn’t like. Then they look ahead to the first Anthology film, Rogue One, and of course, Star Wars Episode VIII!

Dork Side Podcast – December 2015

Joe and Todd discuss the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens and ponder if it can possibly be as good as the hype (as as good as we hope it to be….)? Also on the table are the prequels and ways to improve upon them, led by the consumate prequel apologist, Read More …