Get Your Dork Side Merchandise From Our Partners at TeePublic!

We have partnered with TeePublic to launch a series of Dork Side Productions gear for your (and our) enjoyment! The first part of wave 1 includes three designs – all of which are available on multiple silhouettes. We have men’s & women’s tees, tanks, and hoodies, as well as coffee mugs, art prints and more. We don’t make a ton when you make a purchase, but it does help me fund the site and keep it rolling. Check out some of the designs below and let us know what you think and/or what you might want — I’m all ears!


Featuring everyone’s favorite Imperial pilot turned hero of the Rebellion, Bodhi Rook is here front and center on our Defector design. I loved his interaction with Saw’s Rebels, so I used a line from that exchange here. Check it out!

Rebels & Rebels

Here is my take on a theme and design that’s been done, but I like ours better. We are going to do an ongoing series we can ‘And & And’ with every wave of Dork Side products we produce, and I certainly wanted to start out with our favorite fallen heroes from Rogue One. Here’s to you guys, let’s all pour one out in their memory. And buy some product to commemorate them!

That’s No Moon

And you know I just had to do an inaugural edition of my Pink Floyd / Death Star mashup, which I use as the logo for my Exhaust Port podcast series. Now you can grab it and rock it with pride! Dork Side of the Moon, FTW!